Angle Converter

grad degree (deg)minute sign radian (rad)second gon mil revolution (rev)circle turn quadrant right angle sextant
grad degree (deg)minute sign radian (rad)second gon mil revolution (rev)circle turn quadrant right angle sextant

Unit converter Angle

Modern unit converters can be opened and used on the Internet, providing users with many options, including the angle finder calculator between various geometric quantities and units.

Which quantities can be converted using the angle converter?

With the help of our angle converter, open on the Internet, you can convert the following geometric quantities:

  • Decimal degrees to degrees, minutes, and seconds.
  • The reverse conversion of degrees, minutes, and seconds to decimal degrees.
  • Convert degrees, regardless of the type of quantity, to radians.

How to use the angle converter?

Even if the user does not have much experience with the Internet, he can always easily work with our online angle converter. To use the platform, you need to follow a few simple steps, such as:

  • First, need to open our angle calculator.
  • The user selects in the right line the value he is interested in for conversion - decimal degrees, radians, or degrees with minutes and seconds. Next to the line being edited, there is a drop-down menu of the universal calculator, when you click on the icon, a list of options appears that you need to view, and click on the desired criteria designation.
  • The required value of the angle is printed in the left line of the angles calculator, which must be converted.
  • The electronic button calculate is pressed, and the result of the previously executed query is automatically displayed in the right time frame.

How much does it cost to use the angle converter?

Our angle measure calculator is free, and to perform the calculation, you just need to open it and enter the query of interest. Despite the absence of a paid subscription, the functionality of the software remains complete, and the user can use all the options for converting both in one direction and in the opposite direction.